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Honey Hole
Honey Hole

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HONEY HOLE is a mixture of 5 unique varieties of brassicas, which include 3 varieties of rape, and 2 varieties of turnips. This awesome Hunt Plot is an ideal plot for the fall and winter. After the first frost the plants go from bitter to sweet and the deer love them!! Because these plants will thrive with little or no tilling, anyone can create their own "HONEY HOLE."

- Fast growing and easy to establish.
- Cool weather will increase consumption.
- Comprised of 5 varieties of Rape and Turnips.
- For best results plant in late summer or early fall.
- Treated with Antler King's® Ultra Coat Orange for higher germination rates and increased
   forage yield.
- 3 lb. bag plants 1/2 acre.
- Plant HONEY HOLE less than 1/4" deep.
- Recommended fertilizer is 19-19-19 or 13-13-13 at 300lbs. per acre.
- pH should be between 5.5-6.5.

3 lbs. Honey Hole Mix - Plants ½ Acre   

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