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Consignment Information

At Hunter's Outlet, we offer a couple of aggressive and unique options to help you sell your guns or bows.

First, if you own a gun or bow, and are in the market for a new/used gun or bow, we accept trade-ins!

Second, if you are looking to maximize the re-sale value of your gun or bow, but don't want to have to sell it yourself, our "consignment" program could net you a high value for your item(s).

We call it our "Buy|Sell Outlet"

Here are some of the advantages of our Buy|Sell Outlet

    * You, the seller, is guaranteed a set value for your item(s)! No need to call or be
       bothered every time an offer is made.

    * We will complete a detailed inspection of your items(s) before listing it for sale,
       making sure that it is in great working order before being sold.

    * It will be marketed and displayed in our Buy|Sell Outlet area.

And the BEST experience when using our Buy|Sell Outlet, is that once your item(s) sells, we charge a very nominal marketing and handling fee for our services.


20% - Item(s) Listed Below $299.00
15% - Item(s) Listed Between $300.00 - $999.00
10% - Item(s) Listed at $1000.00 +

So, by letting Hunters Outlet sell your item(s), we help to fetch you a higher 
selling price!

Visit or call us today! (608) 475-0057- and we'll get your item(s) sold!


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